The Veterans Outreach is NOT affiliated with Veterans' Administration.

Veteran Outreach

is a pre-scheduled program for veterans suffering from service related disability. We are a group of people providing a place for veterans to help veterans.


CHVO facility will be used for...

¨ General Fellowship—To provide a relaxed atmosphere to share experiences. 

¨ To provide an alcohol-free and tobacco-free socializing atmosphere.

¨ All participating veterans will have access to all Clean Heart Christian Ministries programs.

¨ Navigating E-Benefits—Providing information on how to navigate VA only type of website.  This is for service members and not family benefit.

¨ Teaching Data Skills—Providing veterans with information on the use of E-Benefits and with VA and non –VA affiliated sites (Wounded Warriors etc.

¨ Clean Heart Christian Ministries, Inc. also participates in and supports the US Military Partners In Care program.