Substance Abuse

Clean Heart is dedicated to serving the members of our community for whatever reason they have become addicted to drugs or alcohol.  It is our goal to offer classes that will help in problems or addictions.

This objected is done through small group interaction lead by one that has completed the program and is an overcomer.   We promised to provide a caring and loving environment where no one is judge by their behavior.


Celebrate Recovery

The old saying "time heals all wounds" sounds good, but the truth is that years of buried pain can make things worse! Founded on Jesus' proven teachings rather than psychological theories, Baker's method offers a path to overcoming hurts, hang-ups, and bad habits.


Stepping into Freedom

¨ Stepping Into Freedom - 12-step program for life controlling issues.

¨    Concerned Persons - Living with a person with life controlling issues.

¨    Anger: Our Master or Our Servant - Anger Management.

¨    Handling Loss and Grief - How to face losses in life and grieve Christianly.

¨    Crossroads - Choosing the Road to Sexual Purity.

¨    Insight Group - Discovering the path to Christian character.

¨    Living Free Facilitator Training - training to become a Christ-Centered facilitator.

  •    (required training for those called to facilitate)

Secular Alternative

CHCM offers workbook study 12 Step Program and Anger Management classes tailored to accommodate a secular alternative to Christ-Centered classes. Secular classes utilize the 12 Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous. Alternative classes will be scheduled to accommodate the attendee and not scheduled at the same time schedule of faith based classes.