Clean Heart Crisis Pregnancy Center:                                                                                           Free Pregnancy Tests                                                                                                             Advocates to speak with you regarding your options.                                                         Prenatal & parenting Classes (From Prenataln through 12 months)                                 Baby Needs (based on availability)                                                                                       Post Abortion Classes                                                                                                                                 Clean Heart Christian Ministries' workbook classes for "Life-Controlling" Issues             include:

   Stepping Into Freedom - 12-step program for life controlling issues
   Concerned Persons - Living with a person with life controlling issues
   Anger: Our Master or Our Servant - Anger Management
   Handling Loss & Grief - How to face losses in life and grieve Christianly
   Crossroads - Choosing the Road to Sexual Purity
   Insight Group - Discovering the path to Christian character
   *Living Free Facilitator Training - training to become a Christ-Centered facilitator
   (*required training for those called to facilitate)

Secular Alternative: CHCM offers workbook study 12 Step Program & Anger Management classes tailored to accommodate a secular alternative to Christ-Centered classes. Secular classes utilize the 12 Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcodics Anonymous & "The Change Companies" workbooks (2004 edition).   Alternative classes will be scheduled to accommodate the attendee and not scheduled at the same time schedule of faith based classes. CHCM's brochure denotes, in red print, "by scheduled appointment", please see our brochure for days and time.


Clean Heart Christian Ministries, Inc. also participates in & supports the US Military Partners In Care program. For more Partners In Care information please call            931-837-5050

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