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CHCM workbook study programs are provided at no cost to participants. 

However all our "Living Free" study guides and additional materials are at a cost, thus our survival is dependent on churches, businesses and individuals who recognize the importance of these Christ-Centered programs.



Clean Heart Crisis Pregnancy Center’s main goal is to empower women and men with the knowledge to make better life choices. An advocate that talks with each person is trained to address not just immediate pregnancy issues but to provide emotional and spiritual support. We want to be an encouragement to each person, one soul at a time. To continue providing this service to Van Buren County and White County CHCPC must rely on the support of churches, businesses and individuals with a heart-felt need to help.


March 7, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Recently Craig Colquitt, a former Pittsburgh Steeler and Clean Heart supporter asked, “What are CHCM’s statistics?   Several others have asked board members “How many people have gone through ‘Clean Heart Christian Ministries’ classes?”   We have decided to send a letter to those who support and those who might consider supporting Clean Heart Christian Ministries.


In January 2011 we began conducting Christ-Centered classes for the following:

·                Facilitator Training (learning to conduct small groups)

·                Personal Christian Insight

·                Addictive Behaviors (12 Step Program)

·                Anger Management

'Statistics': Clean Heart issues certificates of completion for the above classes. Jesus tells us to leave our burden with Him and move on.  And, to-date, Clean Heart has issued 109 certificates.  


The Addictive Behaviors and Anger Management Classes are made up of persons seeking to live a better life and persons who are court-ordered to our program. We are currently receiving participants from five probation officers in five surrounding counties.  We also receive referrals from the Putnam County District Attorney.  We are adding more classes as needed. 


Here are more of the statistics we spoke of earlier.  Keep in mind, that each one of these statistics is more than just a number.  They represent a person attempting to get their life together.  With Christ help all things are possible. 


Calendar Year                        Number Meetings                 Number Attendees

     2011                                  85                                           334

     2012                                104                                           434

     2013                                138                                           742


In August 2013, we opened our doors to a new ministry called Clean Heart Crisis Pregnancy Center.  The mission statement for this ministry is “To empower women to make Godly choices, especially the abortion-minded”.  Our Christ-center offers:

·                Free Pregnancy Tests (tests donated by Dr. Chad Griffin, Cornerstone Family Medicine, Sparta, TN)

·                An advocate to talk with you regarding your options (staff and volunteers)

·                Prenatal Class 

·                Parenting  Class

·                Post Abortion Class

·                Baby Needs


As you can see God is doing a mighty work at our store-front ministry on 17 East Maple Street in Sparta, Tennessee.  We encourage you to support us with your prayers and if God so leads you to support with your gifts of generosity.   If you have questions about Clean Heart Christian Ministry please call, 931-837-5050931-837-5050 or visit our website at


Thanks for your consideration.


In Christ Service,


Steve Colquitt, Director/Founder

Susan Colquitt, Women's Team Leader, Clean Heart Crisis Pregnancy Center

Clean Heart Christian Ministries, inc.

PO Box 938 (Mailing)
17 East Maple Street
Sparta, TN 38583

Phone: 931-837-5050


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